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the_lucky13- 25:2

13 of your favorite sexual things to do and why

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the_lucky13- application

13 things about El Wray

01: He comes from a family of mechanics, and despite that he knows an awful lot about cars, Wray was never interested in working on vehicles his whole life.

02: Joined the Military at eighteen without any other options left and soon enlisted in the Special Ops shortly after serving his four years in the Marines.

03: While serving, Wray met Cherry, then called Palomita, and began a relationship that would continue to follow him even after their abrupt break up.

04: Was unfortunately court marshaled and found himself in Prison for five years. It was not his proudest moment and it’s something he doesn’t like talking about.

05: After being released, Wray moved just outside his hometown of Austin, Texas and went to live the “loner” lifestyle. Or more specifically, kept a low profile and avoided his title as “El Wray.”

06: Ironically, Wray started up his own wrecking business since mechanics were in his past and he had nothing else to fall back on. He’s making a decent living.

07: Surprisingly, Cherry had kept true to her word and waited for him when he got out of prison, but their relationship didn’t last much longer after that.

08: Eventually, Wray was going to ask Cherry to marry him, but when a fight broke out and she walked out the door, his future and engagement ring went with her.

09: He still never got the jacket back.

10: Wray has a bit of a gun fetish, if you want to call it that, and despite he’s not allowed to own guns (it has to do with his being court marshaled,) he still manages to obtain them.

11: He doesn’t smoke, yet always allows himself to have at least one cigarette a day, if not more.

12: Despite that “The Bone Shack” is popular amongst passerbys, Wray finds himself hanging out there a lot. In fact, it’s one of his favorite places.

13: Wray knows more about things then he let’s on.

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